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Katy Katy



In the heart of London, where the River Thames flows gracefully through the cityscape, there lived a remarkable creature known as Katy Katy—the beautiful lizard who swam the river Thames every day.

With scales that shimmered like precious gems in the sunlight and eyes that sparkled with curiosity, Katy Katy was a sight to behold. Despite her unusual appearance, she was beloved by the people of London, who marvelled at her graceful movements and gentle

demeanour. Every morning, as the sun rose over the city skyline, Katy Katy would emerge from her hiding place beneath the riverbank and glide effortlessly into the cool, clear waters of the Thames.

With each stroke of her slender tail, she danced through the currents, weaving between boats and barges with the grace of a ballerina.

As she swam, Katy Katy would greet the denizens of the river—a colourful array of fish, birds, and creatures great and small. From the mighty swans that sailed majestically across the water to the tiny minnows that darted playfully beneath the surface, each

inhabitant of the Thames held a special place in Katy Katy’s heart.

But it was the people of London who held the greatest fascination for Katy Katy. From the bustling crowds that lined the riverbanks to the children who watched in awe from the bridges above, she revelled in the attention and adoration of her human admirers.

As word of Katy Katy spread throughout the city, she became a beloved symbol of London’s rich and diverse ecosystem—a testament to the beauty and resilience of nature in the midst of urban life. And as she swam the river Thames day after day, her legend grew, inspiring awe and wonder in all who beheld her splendour.

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