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Forget Me Not



Deep within the dense, emerald forests, where the sunlight danced through the leaves and the air was filled with the sweet scent of wildflowers, there existed two tribes unlike any other: the Forget-Me-Not Tribe and the Where-Are-We Tribe.

The Forget-Me-Not Tribe was known far and wide for their exceptional memory. Each member possessed an uncanny ability to remember every detail of their lives, from the tiniest flower in bloom to the whispers of the wind. They lived in harmony with nature, their existence intertwined with the rhythm of the forest.

Across the clearing, nestled beneath the shade of towering trees, lived the Where-Are-We Tribe. Unlike their neighbours, the Where-Are-We Tribe had a unique talent for navigation. They could traverse the forest with ease, never losing their way even in the thickest of mists. They were explorers at heart, always seeking new adventures beyond the boundaries of their home.

Despite their differences, the two tribes shared a deep connection, for they were distant relatives bound by blood and history. Long ago, their ancestors had roamed the forest together, their paths intertwining like the roots of ancient trees.

One fateful day, a young member of the Forget-Me-Not Tribe named Lily ventured beyond the borders of her village, her curiosity leading her into unfamiliar territory. As she wandered deeper into the forest, she found herself lost among the towering trees, the familiar landmarks of her home disappearing into the shadows.

With each passing moment, Lily’s panic grew, until she stumbled upon a clearing where members of the Where-Are-We Tribe were gathered. Sensing her distress, they welcomed her with open arms, offering her food and shelter until she was ready to return home.

As Lily recounted her tale to the members of the Where-Are-We Tribe, she realised the true depth of their connection. Though their talents may have differed, they shared a common bond—a love for the forest and a desire to protect one another.

With the guidance of the Where-Are-We Tribe, Lily found her way back to the Forget-Me-Not Village, her heart filled with gratitude for her newfound friends. From that day on, the two tribes lived in harmony, their shared history and mutual respect uniting them as one.

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