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Arimus PDF + AUDIO



Once upon a time in the bustling streets of a medieval kingdom, there lived a young boy named Arimus. Despite his humble origins, Arimus possessed a remarkable talent that set him apart from his peers – his unparalleled marble throwing skills.

From a young age, Arimus discovered his knack for precision and accuracy when it came to marble throwing. Whether it was aiming at distant targets or navigating through challenging obstacles, Arimus seemed to have an innate ability to hit his mark with uncanny precision.

As word of Arimus’s talents spread throughout the kingdom, he became known far and wide as “Arimus the Great.” Crowds would gather to watch in awe as he demonstrated his skills, marvelling at his ability to throw marbles with pinpoint accuracy and finesse.

But Arimus’s talents were not just for show – they served a greater purpose. In times of need, when the kingdom faced threats or challenges, Arimus would step forward, using his marble throwing skills to defend his home and protect his loved ones.

During one particularly perilous siege, Arimus single-handedly thwarted an enemy invasion by strategically launching marbles at the attackers, causing chaos and confusion among their ranks. His bravery and ingenuity saved the kingdom from certain doom, earning him the admiration and gratitude of his fellow citizens.

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