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Dripping Strawberry



In a charming little town nestled between rolling hills and lush meadows, there existed a children’s playground unlike any other. Tucked away beneath the shade of towering oak trees, the playground was a haven of laughter and joy for the town’s youngest residents. But there was something peculiar about this playground—it was home to a unique creature known as Berry the Wolf.

Berry wasn’t your typical wolf. Instead of a fur coat, Berry’s skin was covered in a soft, strawberry-like texture, with droplets of juice dripping from his ears and tail. His eyes sparkled like ripe berries, and his playful demeanour made him a favourite among the children who frequented the playground.

Despite his unusual appearance, Berry was kind-hearted and gentle. He spent his days frolicking among the swings and slides, delighting in the laughter of the children as they played. But Berry had a secret—he was shy and preferred to observe the children from afar, hiding behind bushes or peeking out from behind trees.

One sunny afternoon, as the children played tag and climbed the jungle gym, Berry watched from his hiding spot, his heart filled with longing to join in the fun. Summoning his courage, Berry tentatively stepped out from behind the bushes, revealing his strawberry-like form to the children.

At first, the children were startled by Berry’s appearance, but their surprise quickly turned to fascination and wonder. With hesitant smiles, they approached Berry, their curiosity piqued by this unique creature in their midst.

Before long, Berry had won over the hearts of the children with his playful antics and gentle nature. They took turns petting his soft, strawberry-like fur and feeding him handfuls of ripe berries from the nearby orchard. Together, they played games and shared stories late into the afternoon, forging a bond that would last a lifetime.

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